Multi-Family Hard Money Loans

Multifamily property is one of the safest and the most popular investment among real-estate investors due to its stable income and low vacancy rates. If you need fast cash for investing in multifamily property, a multi-family hard money loan could be the best answer.


What exactly is multi-family hard money loan?

Multifamily money loan works like traditional hard money loan, also known as a bridge loan. It is asset-based loan that allows a borrower to secure funds based on the value of the multi-family property that he or she is planning on purchasing. This multifamily hard money loan is a great tool for investors looking to close a deal quickly. This short-term loan offers an alternative capital source for investors.

Whether you need a bridge loan for a multi-family real-estate investment or a multi-family refinance, it will be better to get in touch with Hard Money Loans. Our professionals will provide you with the multifamily hard money loan in New York for the multi-family property including duplex, triplex, other multiplex property and even apartment buildings. Never lose on an investment opportunity just because of the lack of capital. Contact our professionals when you need a bridge loan for purchasing multiplex or apartment building.

What are the benefits of multi-family hard money loans?

Hard money loan for multiplex property offers specific benefits that make them an interesting option for real-estate investors who want to purchase multi-family buildings.
This loan provides real-estate shareholders with instant access to funding. In this process, the value of the property is used as collateral instead of the investor’s credit score. So, funds can be provided much quicker. And even getting approval for a multifamily housing hard money loan is a lot easier than a traditional loan.
The bridge loan is flexible and can be adjusted to meet the borrower’s specific requirements.

Get in touch with Hard Money Loans for taking out a quick multi-family bridge loan.

Hard Money Loan is a leading multi-family bridge investor. Unlike most multi-family hard money lenders who may require various documents for the lending loan, we only require vital information like current lien holders, property value, your ability to pay back the loan and equity.
If you need money fast for investing in multi-family real-estate or cannot qualify with traditional lenders, contact us at +1 (310) 666-8884.

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